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Speed of service is the key requirement when choosing the proper software solution for your Quick Service restaurant. Focus’ unique ability to model your restaurant’s order taking procedures ensures orders are entered as quickly and accurately as possible. Custom screen layouts, high speed credit card processing, packaged commands and countdown items are just a few of the many features within Focus that increase speed of service.

Custom Screen Layouts

Up to 150 buttons, which include menu items, packages, payments and discounts, can be displayed on one screen to maximize the speed of service. Screens can be designed with the most popular menu items and functions so the user does not waste time flipping through multiple screens to enter an order.


High Speed Credit Card Processing

Integrated high speed credit card processing eliminates the need for a separate machine and 2-3 second authorization times are achieved when using Internet based processors.

Packaged Commands

Packaged Commands allows the user to enter multiple menu items, discounts, modifiers and commands with one touch of a button.

Suggestive Selling

Focus increases your bottom line by maximizing the amount customers spend through the use of automated suggestive selling prompts. The following are examples of prompts that can be displayed during the order taking process: Upsize Drink Prompt, Desserts Sales Prompt, Gift Card Sales Prompt, etc.

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