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Focus Delivery provides advanced functionality that allows delivery, carryout and call in orders to be entered, accessed, processed and delivered in the most efficient manner. Integrated Caller ID features make looking up customers a snap. Customers can also be looked up manually by name, phone number or company. Once a customer is found, previous orders can be recalled and easily reordered to help speed the order taking process. Directions from the online mapping interface help drivers get orders to customers sooner and hotter!

Focus is flexible enough to handle multiple revenue centers (delivery, take out, dine in and phone in orders) within the same restaurant. Reports can then be broken down and viewed for individual revenue centers.

Delivery specific features such as caller ID, driver dispatch, delay print, driver management, automatic modifier requirements, chase printing, delivery zones, customer order recall, online maps, restricted error corrects, fingerprint control, sales accountability, quick driver cash out, remote receipt checks, scanned receipt checks, offline credit, automatic menu changes and real-time labor percentages are just a few of the features that make Focus a perfect fit for Delivery restaurants.

Additionally, optional modules such as Driver Dispatch, High Speed Credit Card Interface, Gift Card Interface, House Accounts, Property Management, Scheduling and Inventory Control can be utilized to maximize profits, improve customer service, reduce training time and produce an unparalleled point of sale user experience.

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