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Focus Customer Loyalty encourages repeat business by awarding customers coupons, discounts and instant rewards after specific items are purchased. Focus Customer Loyalty keeps your customers coming back to your restaurant (not your competitors) again and again, and entices new customers to become loyal repeat customers. Instant Discounts, Bonus Discounts and Bonus Coupons can be given after pre-defined point levels have been reached.

Focus Customer Loyalty can also be used as a powerful marketing tool. E-mail and mailing lists can be generated based on the following customer criteria: city, zip code, birth date, anniversary date, first visit, last visit, number of orders, cumulative sales amount, check average, sales by date range, points awarded, coupons redeemed and discounts earned.

Instant Discounts

Instant Discounts are instantly awarded when customers order specific menu items (no bonus levels or points are necessary).

Bonus Discounts

Bonus Discounts are awarded to customers automatically on their next purchase after the pre-determined award level is reached.

Bonus Coupons

Bonus Coupons are printed after the pre-determined award level is reached.

Customer Marketing

Use Focus Customer Loyalty to keep in contact with your customers. Notify them of exciting new menu items. Send them a free dessert coupon for their birthday or anniversary. Invite customers back that have not visited recently.

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