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Focus integrates with CSSN’s revolutionary new Snapshell camera scanner to read and capture driver’s license information quickly and accurately. ID’s can be processed within 2-3 seconds. Age Verification uses government issued ID cards such as a driver’s license to determine if the customer is eligible to purchase a menu item that requires an ID. Focus prevents the designated items from being ordered if the minimum age requirement is not met.

Types of IDs

CSSN’s Snapshel camera scanner is capable of reading driver’s licenses and ID cards of all 50 US states and over 45 countries around the world (like Mexican Voter Cards). Additionally, the validity of a driver’s license can be determined using legacy Ultraviolet and Infrared technologies.

Proof of Age

Focus displays and records the results of each scan on the guest check. Management can easily view the employee that scanned the ID as well as the scanned results by simply recalling the guest check.

Manual Override

Some IDs may be worn out or just not able to be scanned. In this scenario, selected management can be authorized to override the age requirement for the selected menu item. The manager that entered the override will be displayed and recorded on the guest check.

Employee Safeguards

Mandating that employees secure a valid ID (that meets the age requirement) safeguards your bar from underage drinking. With Focus Age Verification working for you, you can finally get the peace of mind you deserve!

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